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Don't we all now wish someone stopped the don dale fiasco!

Sensible People: Someone tell the Prime Minister that there is no problem at Don Dale This article will probably upset some people who think that they are important.Ever since the news show 4 Corners did an investigation on the Don Dale juvenile detention center, pretty much every politician and journalist in Australia has run to the nearest keyboard, microphone, or camera to give us all their opinion.People who probably can't find Darwin on a map that isn't labelled are, all of a sudden, experts on the Northern Territory. Every day, there is a new face on television that I have never seen before, telling me how ashamed I should be, or how their heart truly goes out to this or that person, and how angry they are about Don Dale. As if that isn't bad enough, the United Nations has made an official statement, telling the Territory to "stop abusing children", while the mightiest politician in all of Australia, the Prime Minister, has decided to fix the problem once and for all, by ordering a Royal Commission full of clever people to investigate. So you'd think that the problem will be fixed, right? Nope. It would have been nice if the Prime Minister's Office had asked local Territorians who actually know what is going on, before riding in to save the day.What these very important, very clever, very highly paid, very loud people seem to be missing is the following simple fact:There is no problem at Don Dale. There never was. They're about to do a Royal Commission into the wrong thing. There is a very interesting old saying, that says "for every thousand people hacking at the branches of a problem, only one hacks at its root". It applies here.You see, what happened at Don Dale is the EFFECT of another problem that happened somewhere else. The real problem, that actually caused everything at Don Dale, doesn't look like it has anything to do with Don Dale. Except that it does, when you think about it. The problem is simply this:All of the mechanisms that put good, decent, intelligent people into positions of government power, and the mechanisms that keep those in power behaving in a good, decent, intelligent way, are completely, totally, and utterly overrun by the exact kind of rotten person that they were designed to keep out of power in the first place.To put it more simply - our politicians are buffoons, while the people in charge of choosing political candidates to run in elections are also buffoons, while the people in our government departments who are supposed to double check on the politicians are also buffoons, while the media that is supposed to check on all of them are also, in fact, enormous buffoons. Therefore, there is a giant buffoon infestation at all levels of government, and to make it worse, the buffoons are all working together in a category 5 buffoon superstorm to make sure that only buffoons ever get into any position of power in the Northern Territory.So, the Prime Minister can have as many Royal Commissions as he likes, but he will always find the same thing - a trail of destruction caused by incompetent buffoons. If the Prime Minister, and the UN, and all of these interstate or overseas politicians and journalists really want to get to the bottom of why this all happened, then they really should ask the following 4 questions: 1) How are ultimate decision maker politicians selected to run in elections, by whom, and why are they choosing buffoons? 2) How are critical overseer public servants selected for important jobs, by whom, and why are they choosing buffoons? 3) What laws are in place to keep good politicians or good public servants acting properly, and why aren't they filtering out this particular mob of buffoons? 4) Why didn't the media let everyone know that these politicians were buffoons in disguise before they were elected, and why did it have to get so badly out of control before they did? I know that the language I am using sounds silly (because "buffoon" is a silly word), but what I am talking about is really boring when you use technical language. What we are really seeing here is what they call a total systems capture, that is self selecting for incompetence, with the end result being guaranteed massive system failure.To explain the mechanics very simply, all you would have to say is that there are Australian businesspeople who make a lot of money from government contracts, or government decisions, who donate some of that money to political parties, and in so doing, basically own those political parties. They choose who runs in the election, and who doesn't. These businesspeople choose political candidates who are mostly incompetent yes-men, who are barely capable of running a fish'n'chip shop, but who will do as they are told. That, of course, includes giving lucrative jobs, contracts, or deals to the people who selected them in the first place.The rest of the time, when they aren't giving selected people special economic treatment, politicians roam in other areas of government as free-range buffoons, creating random devastation. The unhappy reality of elections is that running for a major political party gives a candidate 25%-45% of the vote automatically, even if they are complete drooling idiots. Compare that to very competent independent politicians who have to run in elections 2 or 3 times at least, before they even have a chance at winning.Candidates from large parties are invited onto television programs, or to give radio interviews, even when the best they can do is repeat rehearsed answers - which I have seen in person. The media is very nice to them, and carefully avoids their incompetence, both during and after elections. The exact opposite happens to competent independent politicians, who are ignored, refused, marginalized, or defamed by media buffoons too stupid to realize what they are doing. The reason for this media buffoonery is because government owned media receives the funding that it needs to survive from the politicians that it writes about, which means that saying bad things about any buffoon politician who wins, will result in funding cuts and job losses in retaliation.Meanwhile, privately owned media needs money that comes from either politicians who order hundreds of thousands of dollars in government advertising, or from advertising by the private companies that are also donating money to politicians. So again, speaking badly about buffoon politicans isn't possible.Most media organizations, therefore, are full of people doing the exact opposite of what journalists are supposed to do, and so are transformed into a habitat that only buffoons can live in.Public servants around buffoonish politicians do not report on bad behaviour, because if they do, the immediate reaction of the alpha-buffoon politician is to have them sacked. So, the public service is a sort of buffoon sanctuary. Since buffoons are in charge of hiring new public servants, they prefer hiring only members of their own species, or people willing to at least disguise themselves as a buffoon - although usually only as a last resort, done only if a real buffoon isn't available.Competent politicians with a competent staff would have handled Don Dale properly, but then, they would also have handled government money properly as well, which would not have been good for the businesspeople or media owners who want incompetent politicians to make "mistakes" that make them much richer, or more powerful. The reason that this matters now, but didn't matter too much in, say, 1980, is because back then, there were still enough competent people in power to stop most of the really stupid things that any one person wanted to do from actually happening, and a ferocious media that would report on everything, no matter who it annoyed.Not to mention that back then, we did not have several well organized, very competent competing power systems trying to take over both our political or economic systems, that donate money to fill government with even more incompetent people - like we do today, in the form of very rich local businesspeople who have become wealthy enough to buy the political process. Other such systems include many giant financial companies who really want to buy things like TIO & Power Water, as well as powerful countries like China, who really want to buy things like our Port, farmland, and water resources.When you put those things together, then the source of ongoing, worsening system malfunction becomes obvious - the local businesspeople, including media, have degraded the whole system so badly that it only allows incompetent people to be a part of it, which leaves the door open for competing or foreign entities to come in and take over weak parts of the system, to make those problems much worse, in unexpected ways that our system wasn't built to handle. A good example of this phenomenon would be, say, TIO. Now that it is owned by a private company, it is free to increase insurance costs. Our economy wasn't built to have that much money sucked out of Territory pockets, and so people are struggling. As a result, poorer Territorians can't spend money on things like tradesmen. The reaction from our buffoon government is to give $20 million to people as mini grants to spend money on...tradesmen. Nice move.The incompetent buffoons in government, who couldn't handle simple problems, are overwhelmed by the new, more complicated than expected problems, who then do something new and dumb, that weakens different parts of the system. The competing system takes over those parts as well, and the process repeats.An example of the problem worsening is that now that our buffoon government has given away the $20 million to trademen, it is now hinting that it might have to make up for it by putting electricity prices up. Which, of course will hurt a different set of people, even more badly. The next step is that people will be so angry that someone will decide that the solution is to sell Power Water to a private company, which will probably sack half the workers and put prices up even more. Double nice move.What we end up with, therefore, is a death spiral, where system malfunctions happen more often, with less time between scandals, where each new episode is worse than the one before. All of it traces back to the same cause - the Territory Government, and media, is an "incompetent buffoons allowed only" zone.The same incompetence that allows an Australian company to buy TIO, is the same incompetence that allows a Chinese company to buy the East Arm Port, is the same incompetence that set up the Don Dale system. The problem, therefore, is the incompetence. Not the Don Dale.Perhaps, Prime Minister, do your Royal Commission on that.For the Sensible People out there who don't know, you have just read an article that is a first draft, with no editing, written by someone who ran in a Parliamentary election in 2014 as an independent, who got about 1% of the vote. One of my opponents, from a major party, did little more than put signs up with the name of one of the major parties on it. That person got around 40% of the vote.Please don't think that I am whinging, by the way. My point is pretty simple - I write articles like this for fun, and speak better than I write. When your system looks at people with a capacity equal to, or higher than mine, and says "No", while the same system looks at a candidate who pretty much only put a photo up, with the name of a major party under their name, and says "Yes", then your system may have a problem or two :) Note: Originally published 8 August 2016 on George's personal page before being reposted here on Sensible People :)

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